The other notable thing is that with the lone exception of JP/Constable Precinct 5, Hidalgo still carried every district Beto carried. I wish them all the best anyway. I would suggest that its worth the effort to put some money into the Dem-friendly areas of Brazoria in 2024, for the purpose of squeezing out as many Dem votes as possible. CC3 224,670 141,583 JP8 61.62% 34.71% 2.56% 1.12%, Dist Patrick Collier Lib HD145 14,410 29,702 2 Cause No. ==================================== CC3 61.36% 36.95% 1.68% 0.00% Hidalgo versus Mealer. There wont be any citywide propositions in 2024, not if we have them this coming November, but Ill try to use the precinct data I have here to analyze that election. Indeed, three of the four races were actually in the Dem +34K to +38K range, with one outlier. My focus remains the same from my very first day in office: delivering results for Texans across my district.. Right now, we are focused on implementing new systems to promote the efficiency with which our office runs elections, Tatum said in a statement. During the election CIA knocked on 300,000 doors. HD129 56.03% 41.03% 2.95% 2015 979,401 2,054,717 47.67% HD140 30.99% 65.76% 3.24% 0.02% CC2 101,745 103,117 48 Were still working on the first part of that equation. No big mystery here. Appeals 520,019 549,533 48.62% 51.38% HD137 38.33% 59.01% 2.65% 0.01% JP2 44.02% 55.98% Like I said, Im making some assumptions here, any or all of which could be wrong. HD128 71.67% 28.33% JP8 64.30% 35.70%, Dist Scott Wyatt Dan Patrick joked. HD130 66.73% 30.70% 2.57% I dont have this data for every year, but we can do with a sample: As noted, there will be a different voter registration figure this fall, likely a bit higher for each but with more growth in the non-Houston part of Harris County. One more thing to note is that despite the lesser Democratic performance, these candidates all still carried the three Commissioner Court precincts that are now Democratic. HD143 34.83% 58.86% 4.77% 1.54% Brian Staley is represented by Elizabeth Alvarez. This is about 493K ballots cast for those two candidates, which doesnt count third party and write-in candidates or undervotes; I didnt tally them all up but wed be at around 510K total ballots defined as being Houston. STANDING COMMITTEE ON JUDICIAL EVALUATIONS - COOK COUNTY 2022 PRIMARY ELECTION JUNE 28, 2022 . ============================== This Chron story is about Dan Patrick telling a group of local Republicans that the 2022 election should be re-done in Harris County, because he has nothing better to say or do with his time. 2023-01202; Stan Stanart v. Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth. HD130 46,320 18,701 1,229 These candidates embody the progressive values we look for in our elected leaders and reflect the diversity of our county. ====================================================== The move prompteda complaint to the State Bar accusing Paxton of professional misconductfor attempting to interfere in a pending case before the court. Like I said, this is plenty good enough for these purposes. HD133 35,705 23,303 The Republicans are gonna do what theyre gonna do, and we cant stop them. The 30-year-old native of Katy is the youngest person and the first African American to serve as the party chairperson, according to a news release. That resolution passed overwhelmingly with little debate or fanfare. Jan 25th, 2022. by Charles Kuffner. Mealer got 534K votes, 44K more than Abbott. How awful it was for democracy that these swarms of Democratic voters were mindlessly hitting one button and putting all these non-judges onto our benches. HD129 58.99% 38.59% 2.41% Ive said this before, but Mitt Romney won 11 State Rep districts in 2012, and he won them all with over 60% of the vote. HD128 32,461 12,922 HD134 33,479 45,200 Experience: Joseph Sanchez began his career as a prosecutor at the Montgomery County District Attorneys office where he assisted in establishing the offices DWI Pre-Trial Intervention Program in November 2012. Democratic Probate Court judges, all the way at the bottom of the ballot, did basically as well as their counterparts in appellate and civil court races. However, City Attorney Andy Segovia told reporters Wednesday the most of the provisions are inconsistent with state law and could not be enforced if even if theyre approved by voters. In 2017, Cruz was recruited to be one of the founding attorneys in the Harris County Public Defenders Office Bail Hearing Division. JP3 44.25% 53.43% 2.33% HD140 6,042 12,353 Cagle 64,225 186,970 0 5,056 None of us. It is fair. Ill get into it a bit more in the next post when we look at the higher-scoring Republicans, but my sense is that these three Dems, plus Beto, received some crossovers. We start with 2016. HD144 46.97% 53.03% He wondered why the city didnt provide the demographic breakdown of those citations during Hensleys presentation because historically, minorities have been unfairly targeted by law enforcement. ======================= Beto versus the spread "I want to send a message to the Harris County elections administrator," Taylor said. Ill get to the money issue in a minute. Education: Texas A&M University-College Station and South Texas College of Law-Houston, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL. Stay tuned. HD130 46,145 18,886 963 5 HD127 60.79% 37.55% 1.65% 0.00% See here, here, and here for some background. Milledge II is the head of the firms Federal and State Criminal Law, Entertainment, and Personal Injury divisions. HD137 37.74% 57.73% 2.88% 1.65% HD133 36,406 22,666 JP4 170,806 118,025 7,219 3,145 You could have the primary winner, who would get to serve a four-year term after winning in November of 2024, and the special election winner, who would serve out the remainder of 2024, be two different people. October 30, 2022 Looking back at those earlier years, Beto fell short of the top performers in Houston, which in 2008 and 2012 was Adrian Garcia and which in 2018 was himself, but he did better in non-Houston Harris County. CC2 97,753 106,167 HD131 19.53% 77.80% 2.66% 0.00% The day before Harris County Commissioners Court was set to certify the results of the November election, the Texas Attorney General's Office filed a last-minute petition to throw out 2,000 provisional ballots cast during an extended hour of voting on Election Day. There is a deadline of MARCH 8 to raise funds!! HD130 69.15% 27.87% 2.07% 0.90% The case was dismissed because May failed to timely pay the security of costs required by Texas law. All eyes were on Sen. John Whitmire, a longtime Democrat who has announced plans to leave the chamber to run for Houston mayor after the session, and Judith Zaffirini, a Laredo Democrat who is second in seniority to Whitmire. HD131 20.93% 79.03% 0.04% If theyre going to act Id expect it to happen before SA City Council votes to put the measure on the ballot on Thursday. Mealer 198,286 336,434 40.19% 56.59% The litigation exception typically is upheld by courts, so McIngvales lawsuit is unlikely to produce the requested records, he said. After losing his gubernatorial bid against Texas Gov. As a judge she has been the chair of the Fair Defense Management Committee, where she initiated a pilot program to seamlessly appoint the Public Defender to represent indigent defendants. (I am not taking the Justice of the Peace courts into consideration here, as they are not countywide and you only have one of them on your ballot.). CC4 47.29% 50.67% 2.04% 0.00% Which brings me to the second point of interest, which is really hammering the message home about voting all the way down the ballot. JP7 15.62% 84.38% Important 2022 Election Dates. The high score with these three is Jay Klebergs 51.11%. HD128 32,350 12,795 1,014 In addition, unlike Presidential years when higher profile county offices like Sheriff and County Attorney and Tax Assessor appear (District Attorney is a state office), the ones on this ballot are low profile and mostly clerical in nature. JP1 38.13% 61.85% 0.02% Beck and fellow council members Vicki Byrd and Brandon Chase McGee encouraged city staff and other council members to follow the will of the voters and allow the courts to decide what can and cant be implemented. HD126 37,148 21,466 CC4 47.33% 52.67% HD135 17,150 22,829 And here we are for this year. The chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party on Wednesday announced that he would step down at the end of February. Jack Morman did not have a report filed or Id have included him as well. I was worried that if Hidalgo lost, there was a real chance Dems could lose not one but both of the Commissioners Court races as well. Eagleton 51,665 23,158 119,650 59,159 She now manages McTorry Law, PLLC, where she is a criminal defense attorney. The roots of the Texas Constitution are in local self control [and] self determination. In an email obtained by Crafts attorneys and posted on the Harris County District Clerks website, Harris County Republican Party Chair Cindy Siegel gave candidates the partys estimate of disenfranchised voters. HD149 12,270 19,513 CC3 62.97% 37.03% So, you know, a banner Monday. They were wrong back when they tried this the first time the comptroller and his allies and theyre wrong again now, County Judge Lina Hidalgo said before the court met in executive session Thursday. In a statement, Menefee confirmed his office will file a lawsuit against Hegar. CC3 224,673 135,288 6,151 14 We look forward to our Democratic nominee retiring Ted Cruz from the U.S. Senate and finally allowing him some time to finally relax at his preferred Cancun resort, said Ike Hajinazarian, a spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party. Dont think this one will work, but after that who knows. HD140 5,850 12,681 647 I have so much respect for them. It marked an awkward transition for the Uvalde activists, who have spent months advocating for gun control laws. After that, senators serve four-year terms for the rest of the decade. For example, the Proposition B ordinance states no city funds will be used for THC testing of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana. Ananda Tomas, executive director of police reform group ACT 4 SA, told reporters that her group and its allies collected 38,200 signatures in favor of the San Antonio Justice Charter. (*as of 12/5/2021), Education: University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. As for Beto, Im pretty sure weve seen the last of him on the statewide stage, at least for the foreseeable future. In 2016 the legal advocacy group Civil Rights Corps sued the county on behalf of Maranda Lynn ODonnell, a 22-year . Dan Patrick have called for Harris County toredo its November electionbased on claims of ballot paper shortages, though they have not provided any evidence or estimate of disenfranchised voters. JP4 166,204 128,604 7,578 This includes: 84 supreme court seats. That short fiscal year has made it difficult to make year-to-year funding comparisons, and has resulted in the county and the comptrollers office using different methods to analyze whether the constables funding has increased or decreased. HD138 33,169 22,469 She is in charge of half of all investigations and pending cases in Harris County where a child under the age of 14 has been killed. During Evbagharus tenure, the party raised more than $2.1 million and created programs dedicated to voter outreach and volunteer recruitment, according to the release. At this point, three months out, they seem as plausible as Bigfoot sightings, but lets take Cindy Siegel at her word and assume the existence of 2600 actual people who were actually unable to cast a ballot on Election Day. This is the state house district in which I ran back in 2018 and 2020. JP1 34.97% 62.30% 2.73% Yet, the way the (Texas Public Information Act) is written, no one except those involved in the underlying lawsuit can get access to the public information.. 8(lost to Judge Erika Ramirez), Bruce Bain, former candidate for the269th District Court(lost to Judge Cory Sepolio), Michelle Fraga, former candidate for the281st District Court(lost to Judge Christine Weems), Elizabeth Buss, former candidate for theHarris County Criminal Court at Law No. He represented juvenile and adult clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies. HD146 21.23% 76.41% 2.36% 0.00% JP2 44.36% 55.62% 0.02% HD133 31,931 27,421 1,396 McTorry served in the Special Crimes Unit as an elite member of the Human Trafficking Division and Sex Crimes Division. Theres no overall downward trend. The names have changed but the practices have not, or at least not enough. They felt welcomed and heard on lobbying trips to Washington, D.C., and several of them campaigned heartily for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto ORourke, who lost his challenge to Gov. HD139 12,291 31,372 Ive heard reports of machines that didnt work, ballot shortages, voting locations suddenly closing. The only logical conclusion is that across the board, some number of people who votes for Beto and Collier and Garza and Hays also voted for Glenn Hegar and Dawn Buckingham and Wayne Christian. HD146 8,922 33,114 HD148 43.77% 52.85% 3.38% HD140 6,238 12,885 5 HD127 62.30% 37.70% HD149 11,876 19,423 706 2023-01103; Kyle Scott v. Carla Wyatt. City Council will call for the election, which will include council district seats and other local elections, during its Feb. 16 meeting. No matter how you get there, bullshit still walks. HD141 4,527 19,765 784 332 Judges cant take pro bono help to defend selves. Sen. LaMantia had a tough race in 2022, and at this time I have no idea if its better for her to run in 2024 or not. 1 Cause No. Houston furniture magnate Jim Mattress Mack McIngvalehas filed a lawsuit against the Harris County Elections Administrators office accusing it of refusing to turn over public records related to theNovember 2022 election, adding to an array of GOP litigationaimed at the countys elections process. I just dont think this is going to work, and I have zero reason to believe that the Republicans will just let this slide if it passes. Two, the Family Court judges were the stars of the 2022 elections for the Democrats. Its still super early, there will be plenty more where this came from. I wont speculate about 2026 at the very least, Republicans will have four incumbents to try to defend, so theyll want to do something but I dont see them having a $25 million budget. HD129 38,729 24,583 2. HD134 44.12% 55.86% 0.02% They arent any more valid, theyre just in a different venue. Rory Olsen is represented by Jared Woodfill. And as you can see, while there is that dip in percentage that we have discussed for the county criminal courts, it bounces right back for the probate courts. Trevino 3,150 4,270 0 26,871 We know theres a lot of disinformation and propaganda aimed at non-English speaking communities weve seen the websites and Facebook posts, and weve seen the mailers and heard the radio ads. See here and here for the background. 20 Cause No. I Am Not A Lawyer, but I dont know offhand of any successful recent efforts to split up a ballot proposition like this. JP1 34.60% 63.28% 2.12% 0.01% They may have other priorities and Im open to that, I just want to be heard. That link takes you here, and while the in-person fundraiser mentioned there is now over, the Donate link remains. JP3 35,348 39,739 2,132 865 Of the other six races for statewide executive offices, three were similar in nature to the Governors race and three were friendlier to Republicans. HD138 32,276 24,389 The following is a list of candidates in judicial races on the ballot for the March 1 primary elections in Harris County. HD147 8,809 36,618 1,383 Some 64% of voters in the city of 34,000 people approved the decriminalization initiative. As Ive said, Harris County is more Democratic now. HD148 40.88% 56.34% 2.78% At this point, the opponents of this proposal on City Council can make their case directly to the voters, so theres no question about conflicting mandates. The numbers tell the tale. Anyway. Judge Lawton-Evans is represented by Anthony Drumheller. HD134 42.55% 57.45% She is currently a Senior Litigator at the Harris County Public Defenders Office. She consistently has one of the highest case clearance rates of all the Criminal District Courts* and has maintained the highest case clearance rate in over a decade of the 184th District Courts history. CC3 214,555 146,441 8,815 Both sides of this argument are defensible, so it really is a question of whether SCOTx wants to step in now or just wait for the inevitable lawsuit later. Hidalgo trailed Beto by six points in HD133 and seven in HD134. To make its case, Mealers legal team will have to find evidence that more than 18,000 voters were unable to cast ballots on Election Day, and that all of those voters planned to vote for Mealer, Stein said. HD146 21.45% 76.29% 2.26% JP1 65,832 117,292 5,140 HD131 6,091 25,170 Chris Daniel is represented by Elizabeth Alvarez. In the Senate, they drew their lots to see who would have to run again in 2024. HD141 20.56% 79.37% 0.07% Not exactly rocket science, but the data is as clear as it could be. JP6 5,410 16,643 FOX 26 has a list of these candidates and their biggest priorities if elected. The Bell County attorney is authorized to file suit against the city of Killeen and its agents to enforce Texas Local Government Code section 370.003 by seeking declaratory relief in district court against the city of Killeens actions as unconstitutional; and seeking injunctive relief in district court against the city of Killeen from enforcing either the special order or ordinance; and seeking injunctive relief against the city of Killeen from punishing police officers for enforcing marijuana laws under the Health and Safety Code, Penal Code, and Code of Criminal Procedure, according to the authorization. January 2022 reports are here, July 2022 reports are here. JP5 145,619 143,496 Now, given the vast sum of money spent by wingnut richies to smear Democratic judges, it may be that was at least as big a challenge as undervoting was. She was Chief Prosecutor in the Felony Trial Bureau, the Civil Rights Division, the Post-Conviction Writs division, the Robbery Division. ====================================== If we can get the baseline vote to be closer, that could be enough to push some people over the top. HD149 38.61% 61.39% As of today, the office has not received an opinion on how to proceed with these particular public information requests. CD09 24.72% 75.25% 0.03% HD129 58.28% 38.03% 2.50% 1.19% To get those appointments, attorneys gained favor with the judges by doing everything fromcontributingto their campaigns to bringing tacos for courtroom staff. Experience: Sam Milledge II worked for the Clark County Public Defenders Office from 2009-2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As for Paxtons continued desire to be Supreme Prosecutor, the CCAs ruling was made on constitutional grounds. Beto versus the spread st vincent de paul thrift store near Howrah West Bengal how to sign in on minecraft bank of america plasma loyalty card samantha peer teacher onlyfans best corded . Its not clear to me why the gap was greater in the county (which is to say, misdemeanor) courts; the anti-Democratic advertising wasnt at all subtle about who was responsible for whatever outrage they were fulminating about. HD138 59.62% 40.38% If Hegars goal was to make headlines while insulting the basic intelligence of Harris County residents, I guess he achieved that. After the House reelected Phelan by a nearly unanimous vote, he cautioned freshmen to please do not confuse this body with the one in Washington, D.C.. I guess what Im saying is that while theres still no reason yet to get on the Julian Castro might really run for something statewide this time! train, theres also nothing obvious out there that would be an obstacle to it. Even at the highest end of the estimate of locations that had issues, more than 90% of them did not. According to the Public Information Act, the attorney generals office has 45 working days from the day after the request to respond. Published: 5:28 PM CST November 9, 2022 Updated: 5: . Candidate John Grace Challenges Judge Ann-Marie Carruth for Lubbock County's 72nd District Court Seat. I would expect this to pass, as similar referenda has done in other cities. Ogg 161,659 19,356 48,489 242,159 HD150 34,841 21,318 1,294 What I wonder about is whether there will be much appetite for that kind of spending in future races. HD141 4,662 20,252 It was the good ol boys system, 100 percent, [Jed Silverman, president of the Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association,] said. You may note that now two elections into the no-straight-ticket-voting era, the range of outcomes in both sets of these counties is the smallest. JP1 30.90% 66.43% 2.68% JP6 24.53% 75.47% JP4 174,354 120,349 Adrian Garcia, County Commissioner, Precinct 2 Jerry Garcia, Constable Precinct 2 It could also ask voters to approve the funding reduction in a referendum, Hegar said. County executive offices HD150 33,548 22,898 1,431 These losing candidates are finally laying bare what we all know to be true for them, its not about improving elections or making sure our elections are secure, its about playing games with our democratic systems and refusing to accept the will of the voters.. Wayne Dolcefino, a media consultant and former TV journalist. 1. SD07 62.80% 37.18% 0.02% HD132 61.04% 38.95% 0.01% Sometimes I dont necessarily mind Houston being a bit behind the activism curve. House Bill 2020andSenate Bill 823would allow the secretary of states office to take action in a county if a complaint is filed by one of several officials and organizations involved in elections, and if theres good cause to believe that a recurring pattern of problems with election administration exists.. My point is that 10-20 years ago, as Democrats were starting to assert power in Harris County, it was still quite common for Dems in the then-dark red areas to believe they were the only ones like themselves there. HD142 9,939 24,454 7 Ill go into more detail on those in subsequent posts, but even there it topped out at about five percent. HD144 11,869 13,567 682 4 What Im really aiming for is a net of at least 300K for Biden in Harris County; he was at plus 218K in 2020, after Beto was at plus 200K in 2018. JUDICIAL PRIMARY RACES. Harris County courthouse. Legal experts on both sides of the political aisle have raised concerns for many years . Again, I dont know exactly why. 2022 Candidate Endorsements. HD128 70.40% 29.60% HD128 32,446 12,873 706 9 Dist Hegar% Dudding% Lib% Respondents have no discretion to force voters to approve or reject, all or nothing, charter provisions dealing with issues as varied as theft, graffiti, or prohibiting cooperation with state agencies regulating abortion providers, wrote attorneyEric Opiela, a former executive director of the Republican Party of Texas. Beto versus Abbott ============================== The elections for secretary of state had taken on heightened importance due to former President Donald Trump's baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen. HD131 6,108 24,414 Phil Sandlin, Constable Precinct 8, Teneshia Hudspeth, County Clerk Dade Phelan had never met them. These are all criminal justice reform measures, and if the law is usually interpreted broadly then I dont think theres a leg to stand on. Beto won Harris County by 105K in 2022. Now we wait to see what if anything SCOTx does. The problem needs to be resolved at a higher level, and thats a much more difficult thing to do. 2023-01076; Aaron Adams v. Judge LaShawn Williams. JP8 64.32% 35.68%, Dist Stanart Hudspeth CC1 76,230 193,216 Not to be needlessly pedantic here believe me, this is extremely needed pedanticism but if they went to another location then by definition their vote wasnt suppressed because they did in fact vote. 2019 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Results. The Current has more. HD132 36,340 23,387 1,259 Many millions of dollars in advertising was able to move the needle a bit in a handful of races, but thats it. HD150 34,895 22,408 HD133 57.46% 42.54% Its deeply annoying that we have to do this as a reminder, these cases are stinking piles of nothing and the losers pursuing them damn well know it but its where we are. 34 in Harris County. Two more things: One is that the undervote rate was higher in judicial races. May God have mercy on our souls. Ferrell's practice is 100% criminal law. Democrats can persuade at least some Republicans to vote for their statewide candidates, but only under some conditions. US Representative, District 36: Jon Haire. Tuesday's sweep . HD131 5,986 23,853 942 400 Hegar said in a statement that the county will be barred from increasing property tax collections plus revenue from properties added to the tax roll last year until it resolves the discrepancy.
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